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Sciton Slimming Machine

ProLipo PLUS Overview

ProLipo PLUS employs dual wavelength capability (1064 nm and 1319 nm), providing the choice to use each wavelength individually or to combine the benefits of both for optimal body sculpting results.

With up to 40 watts of power on 1064 nm and up to 40 watts on 1319 nm, the system provides flexibility in tailoring rapid, advanced treatments.

A wide range of customizable treatment parameters enables body sculpting treatments that are personalized for each patient.

Clinical Applications

ProLipo PLUS is FDA cleared for laser-assisted lipolysis. It is often times used for treatment in patients that require finessed sculpting in difficult areas such as medial thighs, upper abdomen, periumbilical, submental area, and upper arms. These places have traditionally been troublesome for physicians and traditional liposuction, now they can be expertly addressed. ProLipo PLUS is also utilized as an adjunct to traditional liposuction as an efficient method for fat removal and produces observable improvement in skin laxity.

The following array of body areas can effectively be contoured using ProLipo PLUS:


Accusculpt Slimming Machine

AccuSculpt/AccuLiftTM Laser Lipolysis System
The Most Powerful Tool in Laser Assisted Lipolysis

The AccuSculpt™ procedure is an exciting new body and face contouring treatment developed to meet the needs of patients seeking significant results with minimal downtime. It is ideal for areas such as the as the cheeks, jowls, under the chin, hips, thighs, knees, bra line, arms, and chest. Your physician uses the AccuSculpt™ contouring system to remove excess fat deposits that have settled.
  • Procedures – Customized and safely removes excess fat deposits from target region while firming, toning and tightening
  • Patient Satisfaction – Short comfortable treatment time deliver the consistent results, rapid recovery and minimal downtime that patients want in one single treatment
  • Reliable Performance – Robust design, in-office clinical support and a stellar service record
  • Revenue Generation – Minimally invasive procedure allow clinicians to tailor and offer diversity to their practice requiring only local anesthesia

Dr. Roland Tohme MD